If Vietnam appears as the source of inspiration, Tam’s work  however has  its roots in the character and the personality of the artist herself.   . Much more than  simple representations, drawing and painting become the support for the expression of emotion and the elaboration of  her feelings. They are the written form of her feelings : the intimate link which Tam establishes between her human nature and her artistic expression.

Where does Tam’s impulse to draw comes from ?

Neither her family circle, nor a childhood far away from museums are at the origin of this vocation.

She took  drawing lessons from an  early age. It was during her first journey to Vietnam that she felt the necessity to share the strength of her feelings, experienced in meeting with people,  landscapes and the essentials of this country.

With bliss and force, she gives life to the colored vision of a world, different from her native « Jura » through lively and incisive painting including wide touches of deep red, in a few bold lines, in various layers. The whole scene is restored to us. A real explosion of life which does not rule out  calm and silence,   it is close to lyric abstraction.

Freeing the color to reach a total autonomy and dissolution of the form reaching  the limits of non figurative painting.  An approach to  painting bound to the passion for  movement.

The great majority of the paintings remain untitled and in the artist’s opinion this  avoids projecting a viewers’reading and allows the one who looks at the paintings to make her/his own interpretation.