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Freedom of Information and the Computer Data Statute

In accordance with the freedom of information and computer data Statute of 6th January 1978, we advise you that you have a right of access to and can require modification, rectification or removal of information you have contributed. Enquiries are to be addressed to our registered office. Information collected from persons who have completed our contact document will not be divulged to anyone other than those within our organisation.Furthermore as is required by the Statute we inform you that your replies are entirely voluntary and failure to reply will have no specific consequences. Nevertheless your replies must be sufficient for us to treat information.

Counterfeiting/Breach of Copyright

Any reproduction or representation in all or in part for whatever purpose and whatever the form is forbidden. Failure to respect this will constitute counterfeiting and/or breach of copyright and could result in civil or criminal liability of the person responsible. Information contained in this website service is not contractual and can be modified without prior notice.